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English Expressions Garden

Sherwood Forest

Elevating the house provides a stronger presence on the lot, allowing subtle transitions and level changes moving through the garden. Layered plant massing provides textural, seasonal, and visual interest while providing enclosure and privacy. A special sense of arrival and construction detailing celebrate the motor court/guest parking area. To experience the entire property, garden gravel paths provide circulation allowing access to all garden elements/spaces. A classic slightly elevated pool off the outdoor entertaining space leaves the primary vista terminating at the boxwood parterre. The spa, at the same level of the outdoor entertaining space, is centrally located on the axis of the house doubling as a fountain when not being used as a spa. The rose garden positioning takes advantage of the sun and is framed by clipped boxwood elements and punctuated by an antique well found by our client. A fire pit was positioned to be a distant garden moment and destination along the rear garden path. This respite provides a wonderful view with the garden framing the house.


Comprehensive Design, Project Management, Planting, Pool Construction, Spa/Water Feature Installation, Tree Relocation, Rose Garden, Partier Garden, Sculpture Integration, Lighting, Drainage & Irrigation, Maintenance


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