Modern Hill Country Ranch

The garden design and construction around this hill country home included a new gallery addition. The residents desired several water features including a lap pool, a reflection pool, and a fountain to feature their own sculpture. We designed water features to relate to the residence architecture and surrounding site.

Paving materials were selected and designed to relate to the architectural style. Cut blue stone responds to the contemporary spirit of the house, where limestone boulders and irregular paving provides a natural feeling. The stone varieties helped us transition from the modern look to the natural stone.

The layout of the architecture allowed us creative multiple garden experiences as the garden wrapped around the new gallery addition. Numerous sculptures were designed into the garden. The garden design accentuates the interplay of plant textures, stone forms and water features. Guests will experience a variety of garden expressions when visiting this modern hill country garden.

Landscaping with stone and greenery
Photo of a pool surrounded by greenery and stone masonry
Edge of a pool with stone tiles and a fire pit with chairs in the distance
Photo of a poolside with lounge chairs, plants, and stone masonry
Water feature with a stone toad spitting a stream of water into a small rectangular pond with lily pads
Landscaping, waterscaping, and stone work featuring a path over water
Aerial view of a poolside with lounge chairs and umbrella
A pool surrounded by stonework pathways and stairs, and a lounge chair area
A backyard featured large stone steps from a patio to lower grassy area