The Details In Garden Design

Since 1975, McDugald Steele's award-winning landscape architects have been designing some of Houston's most extraordinary gardens. The team's superior knowledge and expertise provides a client with trusted guidance while designing their dream garden. The level of detail our licensed landscape architects provide is prevalent on every McDugald Steele garden and is simply unmatched.

See the design detail our landscape architects bring to every McDugald Steele project.

Conceptual Design Development

A garden's design should be a direct reflection of the home's architecture. Oftentimes our landscape architects meet with the home's architect and interior designer to explore overall design intent as well as ensuring the garden design fits within the proposed budget. During the conceptual design phase, our landscape architects determine the aesthetic and functionality of the outdoor spaces, how they interact with the home through the use of plant and hardscape materials.

Coordinating with Engineers

Based on the scope of the project, an engineer may be utilized within the project team to develop quality and sustainable garden designs that meet respective municipal structural codes. These experienced professionals assure our conceptual designs will stand the test of time by conducting site analysis, producing soil reports, and providing stamped construction drawings.

Stay Current on Municipal Codes & Regulations

Our landscape architects are responsible for staying up to date on municipal codes and regulations in all municipal jurisdictions, as they are constantly changing. By staying up to date on codes, garden designs and construction streamline while experiencing minimal delays during the permitting/inspection process.

Develop Construction & Layout Plans

Construction plans are essential when building extraordinary gardens. Our landscape architects produce detailed plan set which are utilized on-site to properly implement every feature of the design. Within the construction plan set, layout plans are produced to provide the construction team with clear direction on implementing the landscape and hardscape designs. This phase of the design process assists in minimizing site delays, ensuring the design is being constructed accurately within the intended space.

On-Site Activities

Our landscape architects stay hands-on with a garden’s design throughout the construction process. They conduct frequent site visits with our dedicated project managers to ensure design expectations are met. While on-site, landscape architects evaluate material placement and fine-tune any details of the extraordinary garden.

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